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Payment in advance/ bank transfer
Minimum order value: 5,00 ¤
Limitations: none

After submitting the order via the online shop, you will receive an order confirmation, which you can use to check your order. You will be assigned an order number, please use this order number to indicate the purpose of payment when making the transfer. Online transfers take a maximum of 2 days, via the usual route it can also take 3 days for us to receive the payment.
As soon as we receive the money, the order will be processed further.
You can find our SEPA bank details (BIC / IBAN) in your confirmation email.

Payment via immidate transfer
When you place your order, you will be forwarded directly to the website of and you can make the payment there. One day later, the money is with us and your order goes to our warehouse. This payment method is only available via the online shop.

There are four payment options available to you with PayPal:

PayPal: You will be redirected from the shop directly to the PayPal page, where you can make the payment. You can also submit your payment manually to via PayPal.

Direct debit: You will be redirected to PayPal and enter your bank details (IBAN & BIC) there. The amount will then be debited from your account by PayPal Europe. You do not need your own PayPal account for this payment method.

Credit card: You will be redirected to PayPal and enter your credit card details there. The amount will then be deducted from your credit card. You do not need your own PayPal account for this payment method.

Payment on account: You will be redirected to PayPal. There you enter your address, email address and your date of birth. After a short check, your order will be approved and you will be informed of the transfer details and the payment term both in the online shop and in a confirmation email. The term of payment is 30 days from receipt of the order, unless otherwise stated. The transfer is made directly to PayPal Europe and not to us. You do not need your own PayPal account for this payment method.
Please note that purchase on account is only possible from the age of 18, if you are not yet of legal age, your purchase request will be rejected by PayPal. PayPal may carry out a credit check as part of the order.

Insured shipping with DHL Germany

We deliver with DHL Germany. Abroad, shipments will be delivered by the corresponding contractual partners of DHL. We can use the shipment tracking to check where your package is currently..
If you send something back to us, please use our return service.

Shipping costs / money transfer costs
You can find a list of all shipping costs incurred on this page.

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